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Ozone Treatment

Excessive chemicals in the form of pesticides currently being used in agriculture not only contaminate the produce by leaving pesticide residues but also contaminates soil over a 
period of time. Ozone systems are highly effective in the treatment of agricultural crops especially for control of mildew, pests, fungi and other microorganism -based infestations which inhibits plants growth.

Ozone based disinfecting system is a perfect alternative where we can avoid usage of harmful pesticides.

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  1. Microorganism
    Spraying of aqueous ozone effectively kills wide range of disease causing microorganism which attacks crops
  2. Destroys
    Quick contact time for inactivating pests and destroys eggs of pathogens
  3. Growth
    Controls possible re growth of microorganisms
  4. Yields
    Increased yields with good productivity
  5. Chemical Free
    Nil chemical residuals found on harvested products
  6. Sterilization
    Helps in soil sterilization
  7. Oxygen
    No secondary pollutants are produced, because ozone rapidly decomposes into oxygen

Ozone Advantages & Benefits