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Ozone based aquaculture is the current trend. There are many disadvantages with chlorine based disinfecting agents since its byproducts affects species which ultimately affects humans.

Ozone does not involves  chemicals  but  only oxygen as feed gas which directly results in increased oxygen content with in water. 

It gives natural atmosphere for aqua species also gives better yields and productivity. Ozone systems provides you numerous advantages with respect to cost benefits, water quality and health of live aqua species which also give you an clean environment.

 Ozone Advantages & Benefits

  1. Destroying pathogen
    Ozone oxidizes organic matter generated by aqua species and also prevents infection by destroying pathogen which targets aqua species
  2. Oxidizing
    Ozone is one pure form of oxygen where it involves no harmful chemicals like conventional chlorine based oxidizing agents which gets absorbed within aqua products
  3. Quality
    Quality of water will be increased while also increases the survival chances of aqua products
  4. Chemical Free
    Reduction in usage of chemicals like antibiotics and it sterilizes water which leads to healthier products and increased productivity
  5. Oxygen
    Ozone completely oxidizes organic pollutants and also better oxygen generation within water.
  6. Nitrite
    Ozone also removes nitrite by converting in to nitrate by oxidation caused due to metabolic action of toxic organics
  7. Eco Friendly
    Ozone maintains clean environment
  8. Organic
    Prevents odour generation due to decomposition of organic matter
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