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Ozone Air Treatment

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 Ozone based sanitization in Cold and Food Storage is absolute current necessity

Ozone based treatment through air maintains freshness of the products and prevents decay and ensures better shelf life  of these products without harming food stuff unlike conventional chemicals which not only harms the food products but also contaminates the area. Ozone systems keeps food stuff safe and hygienic.

 Ozone Advantages & Benefits

  1. Food stock
    Ozone stops generation of molds over food stock due to moisture over the course of time
  2. Destroys
    Ozone destroys mycotoxins generated due to mold growth
  3. Kills
    Since ozone can also act as insecticide it kills insects and also prevents it from destroying grains and food stock
  4. Shelf Life
    Ozone reduces decomposition rate while increases the shelf life of the stocked food
  5. Microorganisms
    Ozone in air also helps in destroying generation of bacterial microorganisms
  6. Health
    Eliminates use of harmful chemical for disinfecting food stuff which also affects human health
  7. Odour
    Also removes odour and keeps the product fresh
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