Common Uses of Ozone
  1. Algicide
    Very effective, most if not all
  2. Amoebocide
    Extremely effective, kills all known
  3. Aquaculture aid
    Aquaculture aid - many uses
  4. Bactericide
    Extremely effective, kills all known
  5. BOD & COD Enhancement
    Quite effective, as this IS real live OXYGEN
  6. Coagulant
    Quite effective
  7. Contaminate remover
    Very selective
  8. Decolorizer
    Usually effective, organic & inorganic, simple & complex, mineral & carbon
  9. Deodorizer
    Very effective, most are removed
  10. Detoxifier
    Quite specific; some quick, others slowly, some not at all
  11. Disinfectant
    Extremely effective, most if not all biota
  12. Dissolved solids
    Fairly effective, inorganic and organic
  13. Flocculant aid
    Quite effective, fairly specific
  14. Fungicide
    Very effective, all known
  15. Hardness
    Slightly effective with some specific changes
  16. Metals
    Very effectively on some, manganese and iron
  17. Oxygenator
    Extremely effective, particularly wells
  18. Particulates
    Quite effective, inorganic and organic
  19. Pesticide
    Very effective; kills worms, flukes, fish, snails, eggs, larvae, etc
  20. Precipitant
    Quite effective, extremely useful
  21. Precursor Reduction
    Very effective, ie. THMs
  22. Softness
    Somewhat effective, assists and improves specifically
  23. Taste
    Very effective, removes or enhances most
  24. Turbidity
    Quite effective, prepares inorganics & organics for filtration
  25. Viricide
    Extremely effective, kills all known viruses
  26. Waste & Effluent
    Quite effective, excellent in a wide range of uses