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Ozone Treatment

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 Scale formation due to microbes and mineral deposit over time completely reduces the performance of cooling tower. Ozone system is the only best solution for this problem which is also environmentally friendly. Conventional treatment involves carcinogenic causing chemicals for destroying microbes which minimizes heat transfer rate and also descaling agents are also needed which significantly increases cost and workload. Conventional method consumes more water to replace concentrated chemical water due to evaporation

Ozone acts as disinfectant, descaling agent without generating any residue.
Ozone systems helps in achieving better cooling tower performance which is also economical and safe most importantly it conserves water.

 Ozone Advantages & Benefits

  1. Micro Organism
    Ozone is a biocide which prevents formation of biofilm due to microorganism generation within the system
  2. Results
    Results in better heat exchange capacity of water
  3. Chlorine Free
    By avoiding chlorine based chemicals, chemicals concentration within water which hinders water recycling is completely eliminated and also protects the environment
  4. Fouling
    Prevents corrosion and scale formation within system and also prevents fouling
  5. Biofilm
    Disinfects and destroys biofilm causing bacteria and microbes and also prevents microbial re growth
  6. Oxidizing
    Due to its strong oxidizing properties it decomposes organic matter also it prevents scale buildup by breaking down minerals
  7. Energy Savings
    It helps in energy savings and minimizes plant break down time and less labour intensive
  8. Reduce
    Reduced generation of effluent water
  9. Ecofriendly
    Eliminates use of toxic chemical used in conventional methods and its environment friendly and conserves water
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