Cyanide Removal Ozone Treatment

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 Cyanide contained in effluent waste water can be safely removed in to harmless substance by ozone due to its very high oxidizing potential. Since untreated cyanide bearing waste water discharge in streams not only  causes harm to aquatic life but also makes the water un usable. 

Ozone systems based cyanide destruction is economical and most importantly environmental friendly.

 Ozone Advantages & Benefits

  1. Oxidizer
    Ozone reduces cyanide into harmless substance by oxidizing due to its high oxidizing potential and is effective against most of complex cyanide forms
  2. By Products
    Unlike convention methods it rapidly destructs cyanide and does not generate harmful by products
  3. Cost
    Eliminates use of toxic chemicals, handling and its storage and also cuts cost
  4. High Concentration
    With higher concentration of ozone higher conversion rate can be achieved