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ozone sanitization is the best solution for sanitization in dairy farms and also in dairy industry.  Numerous problem faced by dairy industries can be effectively addressed by ozone based sanitization and disinfecting techniques as an single solution instead of multiple treatment process.  It involves zero chemicals and disinfects  without any contamination  and it also keeps surrounding free from odour and also keeps livestock healthy which makes ozone based systems absolute necessary.

 Ozone Advantages & Benefits

  1. Production
    Clean ozonated drinking water for cow ensures free from infection and generates increased milk production
  2. Sanitizer
    Ozone completely sanitizes the area from odour emanating even after removing cow waste
  3. Live Stock
    Eliminates pathogens and bacteria development and protects livestock
  4. Washing
    Ozone laundry is the best choice for washing cloths used in cleaning the teats
  5. Disinfection
    Surface disinfection around the area with aqueous ozone prevents the livestock from various illnesses
  6. Healthy
    Ozone also keeps the livestock healthy with lesser use of antibiotics
  7. Growth
    Ozone prevents growth of moulds and bacteria on diary products
  8. Life
    Ozone air treatment helps in increasing the shelf life of diary products
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