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Ozone Treatment

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Drinking water is the first major application where ozone was used initially.
Almost all drinking water based purification system involves ozonization process due to its oxidization potential and disinfection property.
Ozone does better without any added chemicals. It also oxidizes remaining micro pollutants  which can be filtered. 

 Ozone Advantages & Benefits

  1. Compare
    Compared to chlorine ozone effectively destroys virus and bacteria present in the water due to its strong sterilizing property
  2. Oxidizing
    Strong oxidizing property of ozone helps in reduction of mineral contents like iron, manganese, sulphur etc., by oxidizing which can be easily filtered
  3. Taste
    Improves taste of water and removes odour and turbidity
  4. Oxygen
    Increases oxygen content in water
  5. Byproduct
    Filtration system can be included if byproducts are generated
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