Industrial Waste Water

Almost all process plant generates waste water and major part of the solution can be effectively achieved by ozone based treatment. Ozone effectively handles both disinfection of waste water by destroying toxic organics in to harmless substance. It also reduces maintenance time, energy and cost involved in chemicals and labour.  

Ozone systems with constant high ozone concentration and how much ozone gets dissolved within the process with adequate mixing will give best results.

Ozone systems deodorizes, decolorizes and clears turbidity as single setup.

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 Ozone Advantages & Benefits

  1. Eliminate Chemical
    Ozone based waste water treatment eliminates use of chemicals
  2. Disinfects
    Ozone disinfects and destroys wide ranges of bacteria and viruses compared to conventional techniques
  3. Oxidizer
    Ozone’s strong oxidization property converts biorefractory organics in to harmless substances
  4. Decomposes
    Ozone completely breaks down and decomposes micro pollutants generated along with process waste water and further brings down the concentration of chemicals in the waste stream
  5. Odour
    Ozone removes odour associated with waste water
  6. Cost Savings
    High concentration of ozone assures colour and sludge removal from waste water and reduces turbidity levels by completely eliminating costly filtration techniques
  7. Eco-friendly
    Post ozonization analysis results in great reduction in COD, BOD values without usage of toxic chemicals and finally eco-friendly
  8. Recycle
    Maximum water can be conserved and also water can be recycled