Ozone Treatment

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Ozone based laundry systems gains prominence in recent times. Current laundry systems involves heavy energy consumption in the form of hot water, increased  chemicals usage for bleaching and disinfecting where it directly results in  generation of  harmful organic effluent water with high cost.

Ozone disinfects, bleaches, deodorizes and removes stains. Ozone substitutes and replaces everything as a single machine. Our systems helps in reducing expenditure on chemicals cuts costs involved in energy and labour while also gives you clean, fresh cloths.

 Ozone Advantages & Benefits

  1. Kills
    Disinfecting properties of ozone kills microbes and bacteria and sanitizes clothes efficiently
  2. Energy Savings
    Ozone works effectively in cold water and reduces use of hot water which directly results in energy savings
  3. Bleaching
    Ozone has better bleaching properties where usage of harmful detergents can be minimized
  4. Oxidizing
    It oxidizes, removes soil from wash water and deodorizes the cloth which effectively reduces the rinsing time with increased life of fabrics and conserves water
  5. Eliminates
    Eliminates use of softeners in laundry systems and reduces clothes drying rates
  6. Brightness
    Increases brightness of fabric and also aids in longivitey of fabric due to non usage of harsh chemicals
  7. Ecofriendly
    Effluent water contains less values of COD and BOD due to less intake of chemical which is also ecofriendly
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