Meat Processing
Ozone Treatment

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 Processing meat require hygienic  environment since bacteria and pathogens tend to generate quickly. 

Bacterial  prevention and also to stop its regeneration can be safely  carried out by OZONE SYSTEM due to unmatched properties on all application area with respect to sanitization and finally  its completely harmless which is an essential and important quality to meet. Also it keeps meat products fresh due to its preservation property which  enhances it shelf life.

 Ozone Advantages & Benefits

  1. Odour Free
    Ozone primarily helps in keeping the area odour free
  2. Sanitizing
    Aqueous ozone helps in sanitizing all meat processing equipment which might be contaminated with bacterial growth
  3. Washing
    Washing meat products with aqueous ozone keeps the meat free from germs and bacterial infection and keeps the products fresh
  4. Shelf Life
    Sprinkling aqueous ozone at regular intervals maintains the meat from slow decompositions which directly results in improved longer product shelf life
  5. Byproduct
    Ozone does not generate any harmful byproduct and leaves no residue
  6. Chlorine Free
    Eliminates use of chlorine based disinfectant which also results in harmful byproducts
  7. Chemical Free
    It completely eliminates the need for conventional chemicals which not only spoils the meat since chemical gets absorbed which will not be fit for consumption
  8. Clean
    Sanitizes the area and keeps clean