Ozone oxidizes and decomposes into oxygen without harmful byproducts

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer and is also environmental friendly compared to chlorine which
is a carcinogenic

Ozone decomposes biorefractory organics into biodegradable products with short contact time

Ozone sanitizes and disinfects much better than conventional methods and is eco friendly

Ozone completely destroys most of bacterias and viruses and prevent possible regrowth
and also with no residue

Ozone controls Biochemical oxygen demand and Chemical oxygen demand drastically with increased ozone concentration.

Removes severe colour and dye colour contents and odour associated with effluent waste water and with nil chemicals also no requirement of secondary filtration.

Due to its abarasive nature Ozone removes turbidity and total dissolved solids which completely reduces sludge content eliminates the need of expensive filtration techniques

Removes toxic chemicals like phenols, pesticides and herbicides discharged through
effluent water

Oxidizes toxic inorganic content in effluents such as cyanides, sulphides & amp, nitrites and also metallic compunds like iron
and manganese

Ozone helps in conservation of water and reclaimation of waste water and also cost effective.