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YES Series
Only Ozone Systems
Available Model : YES 2G to 10KG


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In the world of water treatment ozone generators based treatment occupies an very important place due to its uniqueness and also for its exceptional properties like disinfection , odour removal, color removal along with turbidity and sludge control.

Our                               brings you a step closer for a clean and efficient water treatment most importantly in a eco friendly way . Our generators produce better output with high ozone concentration and is also credible. Our products will give you cost effective solutions and can be used across broad range of spectrum where water needs to be treated .

Lets together make a clean environment.
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Key Features

  1. 1
    Ozone Technology
  2. 2
    These machines are designed and constructed from premium grade commercial components. Easy to service and maintain.
  3. 3
    Attractively housed in a small foot print enclosure. Leak-free design with ozone resistant materials
  4. 4
    Solid state electronics ensures efficient operation at low electrical consumption.
  5. 5
    We are Problem Solver ​We are Solution Provider

Technical Specification

  1. Ozone Generation
    Silent Pulse Injection Cold Corona Discharge
  2. Feed Gas Preparation
    Feed Gas : Inbuilt Air Compressor
  3. Electrode Cooling Systems
    Inbuilt Air Blower Electrode Cooling System for Corona discharge OZONE SYSTEMS
  4. Controls
    Timer Control Ozone Output Control Feed Gas Control ORP Control (If need)
  5. Safety Features
    High Voltage Cut-off Low Voltage Cut-off Fuse Failure High Current Cut-off High Temperature Cut-off Feed Gas Fault
  6. Electrical
    Voltage Rating: 230 VAC, 50 Hz Power Consumption, max : 100 W
  7. Construction
    9 Stage Process Powder coated. Also available Stainless Steel Enclosure All Model
  8. Dimensions & Weight
    Dimension : 350 L X 150 B X 500 H Weight : 10 Kg
  9. Warranty (24 Months)
    12 Month Warranty + 12 Month Service Warranty
  10. Salient Features
    An optional ’on-off’ input interfaces with ORP or Dissolved Ozone controllers
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