Ozone Vs Chlorine

Ozone technology is an ecofriendly disinfection method where it has many reason to replace ecologically destructive chlorine based disinfection. Ozone technology may not be as cheap as chemical based techniques but its disinfection performance and cost benefits are exceptional.

Ozone is over 3000 Times Faster to Purify Water

  1. Quickly
    Ozone quickly kills bacteria and virus compared to chlorine
  2. Powerful
    Powerful disinfectant and 50 times more potent than chlorine
  3. Chemical
    Ozone does not produce undesired chemical byproducts while chlorine develops harmful by products
  4. Ozone does remove color and odour also its source while chlorine does not remove odour
  5. Quality
    Ozone does not decrease quality of water over time while chlorine based treatment decrease quality of water over time.
  6. Testing
    pH has no bearing on ozone treatment but pH parameter needs to be checked regularly for chlorination
  7. Smell
    Leaves no smell but chlorine leaves undesired smell