Ozone Vs UV

Ozone has many benefits when compared to UV technolgy. Ozone systems give excellent   disinfection property irrespective of water quality. It will also give best long term benefits on both performance and cost.

The reaction is instantaneous as
the gas mixes
with water.
The reaction rate
is 3,200 times
faster than any
known method.

  1. OZONE
    Ozone literally kills almost all bacteria and decomposes by oxidizing. Ozone’s oxidization potential is thousand times compared to chlorine immediately from the point of contact
  2. UV
    Kills certain but not all forms of bacteria and microbes
  3. OZONE
    Completely removes biofilm moreover ozone is a biocide
  4. UV
    UV cannot remove biofilm which may even decrease its radiation effect
  5. OZONE
    Ozone’s best property is that it removes odour and color to clear liquid without no additional chemicals and with no filtration techniques
  6. UV
    UV cannot remove odour and color
  7. OZONE
    Abrasive nature of ozone helps in reduction of sludge and completely reduces turbidity
  8. UV
    UV is ineffective under turbidity condition of water
  9. OZONE
    Acts as descaling agents by breaking down minerals
  10. UV
    UV Efficiency decreases with scale formation
  11. OZONE
    Rugged and ozone concentration is same all the time
  12. UV
    Not rugged due to sensitivity of bulbs and its decreasing capacity of radiation over time
  13. OZONE
    No frequent maintenance issues
  14. UV
    Frequent maintenance required