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Ozone Treatment

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Ozone based water treatments and pulp bleaching currently gains wide acceptance due to its numerous advantages compared to conventional chemicals treatments. Best pulp bleaching can be achieved with out added chemicals.

Environmental destructive chlorinating agents are being substituted with ozone based systems also along with non chlorine based bleaching agents.  Ozone systems help you to achieve the best possible bleaching and effluent water treatment methods in conjunction with secondary treatments.  Ozone disinfects bleaches, deodorizes, decolorizes and also treats effluent waste water which no other treatment could do.

 Ozone Advantages & Benefits

  1. Bleaching Agent
    Ozone is a powerful bleaching agent which acts as an best alternative without harmful by products when compared to other toxic bleaching chemicals
  2. Brightness
    Ozone can achieve best pulp brightness without usage of chlorine containing chemicals and also brightness reversion is less
  3. Opacity
    Best pulp mechanical properties along with increased opacity of paper
  4. Energy
    Less energy requirement compared to conventional bleaching treatment
  5. Organic
    Best conservation of water can be achieved compared to effluent generated containing chlorine based toxic byproducts like adsorbable organic compounds
  6. BOD & COD
    Low BOD and COD value in treated effluent water
  7. Effluent
    Also removes color and sludge from discharged effluent
  8. Chemical Free
    Waste paper Deinking carried out by ozone eliminates use of chemical for whitening
  9. Ecofriendly
    Conserved water by ozone treatment helps in recycling and is ecofriendly
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