1. Utilizes a short contact time
    Utilizes a short contact time



Ozone Treatment

  1. Managing Director

Pharmaceutical industry requires pure water with high level of sanitization and ozone delivers. Ozone helps in achieving process pure water without any microbial contaminants, without any added chemicals or it involves any heat. Pharmaceutical waste water generates severe active pharmaceutical residues where there are no viable filtration techniques to destroy those residues.

Ozone is the best available method to completely break down pharmaceutical residues into harmless substances. Also ozone helps in deodorizing, sludge removal from generated waste water treatment simultaneously makes ozone based sytems economically feasible finally ecofriendly.

 Ozone Advantages & Benefits

  1. Sterilize
    Ozone is one of the best possible method to sterilize process pure water where dissolved ozone does not results in undesired byproducts and also destroys contaminants like microbes
  2. Oxidizing
    Ozone’s strong oxidizing and disinfecting property prevents microbial growth and its possible regeneration.
  3. Chemical bond
    Ozone disintegrates chemical bonds in complex molecules, which enables to remove toxic pharmaceutical residues contained in wastewater
  4. Micropollutants
    Ozone completely destroys micro pollutants into biodegradable products which can be filtered prior to discharge
  5. Compare
    Compared to conventional methods most of the pharmaceutical residues present in waste water can only be removed by Ozone
  6. Effective
    Ozone effectively removes odour, color and sludge in the treated effluent wastewater
  7. Eco
    Its economic and ecofriendly