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 Sanitization is the main priority for poultry based industries.  Lack of sanitization not only affects the birds but also it has its ill effects on humans due to its consumption and also due to its highly infectious environment.  Ozone is the best method for maintaining bacterial free environment where birds are also kept from disease causing microbes and germs.  Best return with higher productivity can be achieved most importantly economically. Ozone as system not only sanitizes but also sterilizes starting from feed water to components used in processing at one go.

 Ozone Advantages & Benefits

  1. Microbes
    It completely destroys microbes and bacteria which generally attacks fowl in poultry
  2. Healthy
    Ozonized feed water makes birds healthy by disinfecting and also by eliminating use of harmful chemicals
  3. Antibiotics
    Complete reduction in usage of antibiotics
  4. Yield
    Increased survival rates directly results in better yields
  5. Egg
    Ozone air treatment protects eggs in storage area from microbes and bacteria
  6. Sanitizer
    Sprinkling Aqueous ozone around the poultry sanitizes the environment from disease causing pathogens
  7. Sterilizing
    Using aqueous ozone in sterilizing equipments and components used in poultry meat processing not only destroys microbes and bacteria generated over time it completely eliminates needs for other modes of sanitization like hot water or toxic chemicals etc
  8. Shelf Life
    Aqueous ozone sprinkling protects the meat from decaying and also increases the shelf life of the meat products leaving no residue
  9. Odour
    Ozone importantly removes odour associated with poultry activities without any additional investment
  10. Eco-friendly
    Ozone also keeps the environment clean and health
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