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​Ozone Treatment

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Water conservation is most important in many high rise residential building, apartments, office and industrial complexes.  Maximum water needs to be conserved due to scarce nature of fresh water.

Though conventional methods are in use they are not quite effective in disinfection and odor removal.

Ozone systems is  the best  remedy  for recycling the consumed water for other purpose like flushing, gardening, cleaning, garage washing etc.

 Ozone Advantages & Benefits

  1. Microorganism
    Ozone disinfects water against stubborn form of bacteria and microorganisms. It is also safe to reuse the treated water
  2. Odour
    Ozone completely removes odor and clears turbidity due to its abrasive property. Water treated by conventional methods is costly but also inefficient which require multiple filtration technique
  3. Effluent
    Ozone system also disintegrates detergents based effluent and converts in to harmless substances which will not affect plants or contaminate ground sources
  4. Water Quantity
    Ozone really conserves water unlike other systems where partial water quantity remains wasted