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Ozone Treatment

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Bleaching with ozone is an viable alternative which is currently being put in to use for bleaching of starch and its processing. Also conventional brightening is carried out by chemicals which are not only toxic but harmful for human consumption. 

Starch naturally has cyanogenic glucosides which on hydrolysis, release hydrocyanic acid (HCN) which is toxic and the cyanide needs to be to be removed.  Apart from bleaching ozone also treats process waste water.

 Ozone Advantages & Benefits

  1. Cyanide Removal
    Ozone helps in reduction of cyanide content from starch
  2. Bleaching
    Ozone’s bleaching property helps in whitening of starch without affecting the nutritional value and is safe from harmful byproducts
  3. Ecofriendly
    Better starch purity and also ecofriendly
  4. BOD & COD
    Lowers BOD and COD in food waste water generated
  5. Whitening
    Conventional whitening process involves usage of toxic chemical which is also a health hazard for workers and also for human consumption

with hypochlorite oxidation

In the alkaline slurry generated by the hypochlorite oxidation process, the oxidized starch yield is low because of the loss of small molecules produced by starch breakdown.
Formation of Chemical by products.
Chemical odour and taste to the final product.
Furthermore, in the process, large amounts of waste water, containing a high concentration of salts, cause waste water disposal problematic and increasing the operation costs.

Starch Quality
Starch consumers prefer white colour. But the colour is the first casualty in case of any imperfection or any shortcut deliberate or accidental in the manufacturing process.  Some manufacturers resort to the ill-advised practice of adding chemicals like

Bleaching agents (such as calcium hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite,etc.,).
Acids (such as hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid & phosphoric acid, etc).
Artificial & Optical whitening agents (such as 2-B-Con or Tinopal) are added to impart an artificial brilliant white colour to their improperly manufactured starch.
The chemically treated starch overcomes the handicap of colour but it is not good for the health of the consumer.

Ozone – An Organic and Green Technology for Natural Oxidation

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